Cigars, Coffee, Community

The Leaf is the premium cigar and pipe tobacco shop located in Downtown Abilene, Texas. More than a smoke shop with an extensive selection of tobacco products, supplies and accessories, we are a local hub to connect with others who share an appreciation for a superior smoking experience.

Since 1997, The Leaf has served Abilene, Texas, and the Big Country as the go-to destination for fine tobacco products and a cigar-loving community. Within a block of our original location, our new shop boasts an even larger walk-in humidor and a spacious members-only lounge. At The Leaf, you’ll see and feel the difference with our industrial grade air filtration system.

Work downtown? Bring your lunch and enjoy the warm, eclectic atmosphere and the free Wi-Fi with the friendliest folks in Abilene.

Premium Cigars

Our walk-in humidor houses thousands of premium cigars. They are kept at the perfect humidity level, ensuring a quality product and exquisite flavor.

Quality Pipes

No matter what your style is, we have the pipe for you. We have one of the largest pipe tobacco selections in Texas as well as briar pipes for sale. And your smoking accessories can all be found at The Leaf. Shop our ashtrays, humidors, cigar cutters, lighters, and more!

Coffee, Tobacco, and Conversation

A bottomless cup of coffee for the day only cost $2. We also have coffee beans from and Moose Mountain Goods available for purchase.

Prefer pipe tobacco over cigars? We offer a perfectly curated selection of imported premium pipe tobacco. For smokers and non-smokers alike, enjoy shopping and relaxing at The Leaf. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to serve you.

(Please note: By Texas law, you must be over 21 years of age to enter, unless you are active military or were born on or before August 1, 2001.)

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Join us as we partner with @amendment21tx combine to create a tasting event you don’t want to miss! Be sure to get your ticket to this exclusive event before they run out!

May 19th, from 7-9, at Abilene’s own Amendment 21!

To purchase your ticket and reserve your spot, stop in at Amendment 21 or call or text your request to 910 922 4628.

See you there!

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife and mom! You both make me a better person!

These two women are strong, courageous, gentle, and patient. Women like these make men like me; not perfect, not an example, but a man constantly wanting to be better. To be a reflection of our Lord Jesus.

I could ramble on about how these two impact my life. And that’s what it’d be; rambling, just an eclectic diatribe describing one moment to the next where I’ve learned what it means to be a son, a father, a husband, a friend, and so on.

Thank you for both being great examples in my life and thank you Kristen for being the best teacher, nurse, therapist, cleaner, chauffeur, chef, party planner, organizer, event coordinator, referee, and so much more under the title “mother” in the life of our children!

I am me because they are them. I love you two so very much Kristen Patterson and Gloria DP Styer!

Happy Mother’s Day!

#mcgeesmeats is LEGIT!

Come get a chance at this perfect meat-splosion at The Leaf!

While you’re here, stop by and check out @dirty_javi from @leaditrain for all your ammunition needs!

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Tomorrow’s event just keeps getting better! The Leaf will also feature Lead it Rain out of Houston, TX!

A night of Great Cigars, Excellent Deals, and Ammo! Check out Lead it Rain at

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This Tuesday! May 3rd; 6-9pm! At The Leaf, downtown Abilene: 1166 N 2nd St. Abilene, TX

Come out for an evening of great cigars, great deals, and a chance to have the one and only @ch_bigfoot grill you up a tasty steak!

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Chilling at #tasteofabilene

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The Leaf is at #tasteofabilene

Come visit us if you’re here and pick up a cigar and a card for an additional 5% off your in-store purchase!

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Ready, set, …

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Tomorrow night! April 25th, from 6-9pm! Who’s ready!? Come by for great deals on excellent cigars and make some great memories!

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This excellent duet is brought before you to remind you that you have just two days left to complete your “getting pumped up” for our Plasencia Cigar event!

When: April 25; 6-9pm
Where: 1166 N 2nd St. Downtown Abilene, TX

You don’t want to miss this chance to enjoy some of the industry’s greatest sticks and some dang good times!


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April 25th
At The Leaf

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Don’t forget! Plasencia Cigars event is right around the corner! Great deals and great cigars make for a great time!

When: April 25th, 6-9pm

You don’t want to miss this!

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New from @plasenciacigars , the #cosecha149

The Plasencia Event is fast approaching! Make sure your have your calendars marked!

April 25th, from 6pm to 9pm. #greatcigars #greatcigarsgreatcompany #excellent #cigarevent


Sometimes you need to just cap off a good day.

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